MB Astrology Kundali Match

MB Astrology Kundali Match 1.80

This is a rashi based compatibility calculation software

In the Asian sub-continent, especially in India, Kundali matching is an integral part of match making. Plenty of people are always in search of an astrologer to do Kundali Matching, and to help everyone who is in search of assistance in this regard, MB Astrology Kundali Match Software is a needed application, which provides a detailed analysis of compatibility of the would-be bride and the groom.

The application does an overall analysis of the Kundali of an individual and can be used multiple times for the same Kundali. It is based on the rashi-based calculations, according to the Vedic Astrology that mainly focuses in the study of the specifics of the different planets relative to the Zodiac Signs and the possible influences of the Planets on the life of an individual.

The application describes the characteristics of people born under specific rashis, namely Mesha or Aries, Vrishabha or Taurus, Mithuna or Gemini, Karka or Cancer, Simha or Leo, Kanya or Virgo, Tula or Libra, Vrishchika or Scorpio, Dhanu or Sagittarius, Makara or Capricorn, Kumbha or Aquarius, and Meena or Pisces. It estimates the compatibility of an individual with the corresponding mate based on the certain Ashta Kutas.

This software is a postware. It requires 150 posts or a donation of $29.95 for it to be registered.

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  • Helpful in matching Kundalis based on Vedic Astrology


  • Can’t work as good as human as software is not adaptive
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